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As part of the project implementing activities, all marketable technologies developed by CSIR have to be profiled and well-documented. This technology profiling activity is to support the promotion and transfer of already developed marketable technologies with substantial benefit to the private sector as well as catalyze the development of demand-driven research that ultimately results into commercial products and services.
The technology profiling covers a detailed description of each marketable technology that has been developed by CSIR institutes participating in the TDTC project. The detailed technology description consists of innovation characteristics, how the technology works, resources required for the adoption and utilization of this innovation, dissemination strategies, end-users or targeted clients, opportunities and challenges associated with the use of this technology. Feasibility studies or profitability analyses of the marketable technologies have been covered when available. The funding agencies and collaborators of the developed technologies have also been acknowledged.

A Retreat was held at Dodowa Forest Hotel on 30th May, 2014. Primarily, this meeting sought to screen technology profiles received from the participating institutes.