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Name of Marketable Technological Product/Service Collaborating Institution/
Brief Description /Characterisation of the Technology How Technology Works Potential Market Current Dissemination Methods Challenges & Opportunities Target Clients/ Industries/ End-Users
Development of Pozzolana Nil 1. Produced from Clay or Bauxite waste
2. Replaces cement by between 25%-33% (i.e. should be mixed with Portland cement)
Used for all types of general construction e.g. Concrete works, Block making, Mortar, Culverts, Drains, Paving blocks, Bonding, Plastering, etc. Individuals,
Private Developers and Public Institutions
Brochures, Flyers, Exhibitions, BRRI Website, etc. as well as Radio & TV (sometimes 1. The product has huge potential
2. Investors needed to push it to the next commercial level
Private Developers and Public Institutions