The Institute of Industrial Research is one of the leading 13 Research Institutes of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the main Science and Technology Research and Development institution of Ghana. The overall aspirations of the Institute has been to assist in poverty reduction through the creation of opportunities for generating and increasing incomes within the SMEs; contribute towards food security, generate foreign exchange earnings and apply cost-effective industrial technologies that are both environmentally friendly and commercially viable.

The current programmes of the CSIR-include the development and promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies, Industrial Processes, New Materials, Improved Sanitation, local Equipment Fabrication and Information/Communication Technology. In 1996, Ghana’s Parliament charged all public Research Institutes under the umbrella of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to generate 30% of their annual budget from private sources. The Government’s funding mainly covers the payment of salaries and the cost of general services. The CSIR-IIR which is Ghana’s foremost industrial research and development organization emerged out of the merger of the former Industrial Research Institute (IRI) and Scientific Instrumentation Centre (SIC) in 1998.

The vision of the CSIR-IIR is to be a provider of scientific and technological solutions to life’s challenges and opportunities.

The mission of the CSIR-IIR is to drive national development and global competitiveness in industry through scientific and technological research. This will be achieved by developing relevant cutting-edge technologies and materials, and offer services that can attract local and international applications.

The objectives of the CSIR-IIR are as follows:
  • To build competitive advantage by focusing on technology delivery in the Institute’s areas of expertise;
  • To become financially independent by developing sustainable internal sources of revenue;
  • To collaborate globally with the relevant Research Centres and Industries;
  • To focus on attracting, maintaining and developing the best research minds in the Institute;
  • To pursue social operating mechanisms that empower and inspire the Staff.