The Water Research Institute (WRI) is one of the 13 research institutes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It is a public institution and was established in 1996 from the merger of the former Institute of Aquatic Biology (IAB) and the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) of the CSIR which were established in the 1960s.

The vision of CSIR-WRI is to become a centre of excellence in water and related resources, research and development by generating appropriate technologies and providing services that are responsive to demands of the private sector and for socio-economic development of Ghana.

The vision of CSIR-WRI is to conduct research into water and related resources through the generation and provision of scientific information, strategies and services towards the rational development, utilisation and management of water resources of Ghana in support of socio–economic advancement of the country, especially in the agriculture, environment, health, industry, energy, transportation, education and tourism sectors.

  • To generate, develop and transfer appropriate technologies, information and services for sustainable development, utilization and management of surface water resources;
  • To generate, process and disseminate information on the availability of groundwater, rate and volumes to be abstracted for various uses as well as the reliability and sustainability of its recharge;
  • To generate, process and disseminate water and waste water quality information to end users;
  • To enhance public health status through sound environmental management and water pollution control strategies;
  • To increase local fish production through participatory research and technology transfer in aquaculture and sustainable management strategies in inland and coastal waters of Ghana; and
  • To undertake commercialisation of research and development activities through consultancy and advisory services and the provision of water resources information, documentation and technical support services.