The CSIR-Technology Development and Transfer Center is a market –oriented project under the component 2 of the Ghana Skills and Technology Development Project funded by the World Bank. This project seeks to bridge the gap between Ghana’s research system and the private sector through the implementation of an improved technology development and transfer system. The overall goal of the CSIR-TDTC project is to ensure that research and development outputs or innovations address private sector needs and challenges and ultimately enhance productivity for socio-economic development of the Ghanaian Economy.
The CSIR-Technology Development and Transfer Center housed in CSIR-STEPRI is directly under the office of the Director-General. Unlike the Commercial Directorate of the CSIR that coordinates commercial activities of the research institute, the CSIR-TDTC focuses on strategic partnerships with the private sector (i.e. business entities and entrepreneurs). Key objectives include the following:
  1. To establish a private-sector oriented program based on institutional incentive schemes that encourage the providers to respond effectively to the technology demand from the private sector within the priority areas of the CSIR;
  2. To develop and implement a structured model for engaging the private sector in partnerships for technology development, appropriation and transfer from the CSIR;
  3. To develop capacity on technology transfer that enhances knowledge and skills of the TDTC staff, the researchers and other relevant staff whilst also addressing the technology adoption capacity needs of the private sector entrepreneurs.
  4. To create a system or platform for intensive research-industry interaction including organization of technology fairs, business meetings and online discussions via a dedicated website.
To achieve the project objectives, 7 Focal Persons have been selected at the participating CSIR-institutes with the under-listed responsibilities:
  • Supervision of COTVET project activities at the institute level;
  • Dissemination of project information to researchers;
  • Liaise with the project officers on  COTVET project implementation activities;
  • Attend project review meetings.
Participating CSIR-Institutes are Science and Technology Policy  Research Institute (STEPRI),  Animal Research Institute (ARI), Food Research Institute (FRI),  Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG),  Crops Research Institute (CRI),  Institute of Industrial Research (IIR),  Water Research Institute (WRI) and Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI).  A second workshop will be organized for selected Research Scientists working on technologies intended for the market from these institutes.